Giving and receiving feedback is a critical skill that enables us to learn as we work and to learn from mistakes. Feedback can be positive – as praise and recognition – or negative, for improving performance and both are important. Clear and specific feedback is one of the best methods to build a high performing team.

The key aim of this Giving & Receiving Feedback program is to understand the benefits of giving and receiving feedback in the right way. In this course, we will discuss:

- the importance of giving feedback in the correct way

- appreciate the differences between the incorrect and the correct ways of feedback

- practice some scientifically proven techniques to give feedback

This course will introduce you to Reach to Teach Safeguarding policy and procedure, so all staff understand their safeguarding roles and responsibilities.

You will be able to:

  • Explain what safeguarding is and why it is important for Reach to Teach.
  • Describe the key areas of Reach to Teach’s approach to safeguarding.
  • Explain how the Code of Conduct helps to create safe, secure and positive working environments.
  • Give examples of the types of safeguarding concerns you may encounter and explain how to report them.
  • Identify where to go or who to ask for further help and advice about safeguarding.